Has the US done more testing than the rest of the world combined?

BY BBC.COM - Apr 30, 2020 at 5:26pm 100

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President Donald Trump claims the US has “tested more than all countries put together”, as he continues to defend his administration's response to the coronavirus outbreak.

But is that true?

The latest data shows that a total of 6,026,170 tests have been carried out in the US.

This is nowhere near as many as the rest of the world combined. Just combining the testing totals of Spain, Italy, Germany and the UK gives you more than the US total.

The US has carried out more tests in total than any other country, but it has a much larger population than most countries, and still lags behind several major nations in terms of testing per capita.

In early March, the White House conceded that the country did not have enough testing kits, but since then the US has significantly ramped up testing, with the total number increasing almost six-fold since the start of April.