Christian majority no guarantee for good morals - Duncan-Williams

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General Overseer of Action Chapel International Church has said having a Christian majority in the country does not automatically translate into a predominantly moral society.

According to Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, there are different sorts of Christians hence, it cannot be expected that they uphold the principles of the Christian religion.

“There are the religious, carnal and spiritual Christians,” he said.

Christianity is the largest religion in Ghana followed by Muslim that makes up 17%, according to the 2010 census.

In a recent comment, the Australian High Commissioner to Ghana, Andrew Barnes, expressed shock at the level of corruption in Ghana, a nation dominated by Christians.

He said corruption should not be an issue eating up a country in which Christian population constitutes approximately 71.2% of the entire population.

Speaking at the launch of a strategic plan of the Ghana Anti-Corruption Coalition in Accra on Wednesday, the dimplomat pointed out that although he doesn’t believe in the existence of God, he knows “corruption is clearly against Christian teachings”.

The General Overseer of Action Chapel International Church is also worried about this development.

Nicholas Duncan-Williams quoted 2 Timothy 3 to explain the contradiction he added that many Christians have the “form of godliness” but “deny its power” because they are ruled by the dictates of the flesh and the five senses.

These, he said are the carnal and religious Christians, adding “They go to church but don’t pay attention to what the scriptures say.”

The pastor said the truly born again Christian on the other hand lives according to the Bible.

“Even that one, it is a daily struggle,” he said and referred to the command of Jesus Christ to his believers to take up their cross and follow him.

“It is a daily walk. There is nothing like I have arrived,” Archbishop Duncan Williams said and again referenced Apostle Paul’s admonition to press on towards the goal.

Archbishop Duncan Williams further explained that the reason corruption thrives in the country is that, most people are given responsibilities that are beyond their capacity.

The position, therefore, puts them in harm’s way because they lack the capacity to deal with enticements.

He advised that “before people are given responsibility they must have a track record”.

This would prove if they are trustworthy, he believes rather than exposing people to higher responsibility because they have been faithful to a particular political cause.

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